Configuring Skunk Mod

Did you install Skunk Mod and want to know how to configure it?
This page will walk you through the commands and how to use them.

#1 Available Commands

Once installed, the app can be configured via Slack Commands.

#2 Skunk

The /skunk command prints a message that explains the purpose of the app. The response message also informs the user about the current moderation emoji as well as the number of votes (threshold) that need to be cast before a message gets removed.

#2 Threshold

The moderation threshold specifies how many votes a message must receive before it is automatically removed.
Use /threshold to retrieve the current value or /threshold [number] to change its value.

#3 Timeframe

The moderation timeframe specifies how many days a message can be voted on. For example, if the timeframe is 3, then any posts older than 3 days cannot be voted on for removal.
Use /timeframe to retrieve the current value or /timeframe [number] to change its value.

#4 Moderators

Moderators are members that are notified whenever a message gets removed by the app. Moderators also have permission to change the app's configuration.
Use /moderators to retrieve the list of current moderators or /moderators add/remove [@member] to add or remove a moderator.

#5 Emoji

The moderation emoji specifies which emoji reaction members use when voting for a message to be removed.
Use /emoji to retrieve the current moderation emoji or /emoji [🦨] to change the emoji.

#6 Url

The community URL is a link which that is attached to the message a member receives upon message removal. Its intention is to remind the person of the community guidelines.
Use /url to retrieve the current community url or /url [url] to change it.